Sean McGowan’s professional success is built on strategic collaborative partnerships and networking. Almost two decades of experience in restaurant and venue management, boutique wine retail sales, multi-site management abroad, and sales and marketing management have gifted him broad experiences and a keen eye for forecasting business development opportunities.

Sean’s niche is the wholesale sales and marketing of Speciality Fairtrade Organic Certified Coffee. He currently revels in his role in the management team at Montville Coffee where his expertise includes sourcing and roasting speciality coffee, client acquisition, relationship management, marketing and training.
Sean is renowned for investing himself in his clients’ businesses with his honesty and exceptionally high service standards. He shares his relevant skills and experience, which assists those with whom he is connected with to move closer to their own business goals.

Inspired by the platform that exists at FAN, Sean aims to complement the existing momentum and add value by building innovation and helping its members capture the moment, seek out collaborative opportunities and use FAN’s broad membership base to full advantage in the years to come.

Sean McGowan