Cluster Connect – Introduction

Introducing Cluster Connect

Cluster Connect serves as the Industry Partner Organisation for food, beverage, and agribusinesses participating in the Industry Growth Program.

The Cluster Connect range of offerings is solely available to participants of the Industry Growth Program.

Leveraging a vast network of Australia’s 5 leading agrifood clusters, Cluster Connect ensures each participant can meet unique challenges, optimise opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

After connecting with the Cluster Connect team, we’ll work with you to identify the most suitable programs, activities and opportunities to connect you with.

These offerings may include:

  • R&D Connect for innovation and research
  • Strategic Connect for policy and partnerships
  • Commercial Connect for scaling and compliance
  • Thrive and Prosper for well-being and peer support
  • Scale-Up Program for mentorship and investment readiness.

Find out more about the Industry Growth Program here

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