Exciting Changes to FAN’s Membership!

Exciting Changes to FAN’s Membership!

Dear FAN Members,

We’re excited to announce a new and improved membership model that will be effective from 1st July. These changes are designed to better support our vibrant community and to provide even greater value to our members. Here’s what you need to know:

Why We Made These Changes

We are committed to continually evolving to meet the needs of our members. The revised membership structure allows us to:

Provide More Value: Each tier is crafted to offer relevant and valuable benefits that match the growth stage of our members.

Support Growth: By segmenting membership, we can offer more targeted support and resources to help you grow.

Enhance Engagement: Our goal is to foster a more engaged and connected community, ensuring that every member feels supported and valued.

Current Membership Tiers

FAN Industry Membership
$195 (plus GST) per year
Comprehensive support and resources tailored for businesses in the food & agribusiness industry.

FAN Affiliate Membership
$390 (plus GST)
For businesses that service the food & agribusiness industry.

We're introducing a FREE membership!

Membership Tiers effective 1st July 2024

FAN Community Member (Industry) FREE
Access to event member pricing, monthly meet-ups, and FANmail.

FAN Connect Member (Industry) $195 + GST per year
All Community Membership benefits plus additional resources, social media profiles, partner discounts, and grant writing services.

FAN Commercial Member $390 + GST per year
All Community Membership benefits plus enhanced resources, business referrals, and exclusive commercial opportunities.

Membership Classifications

FAN Community & Connect (Industry)
Designed for businesses that are directly part of the food and agribusiness industry. If your business is engaged in the production, processing, or direct selling of food and agribusiness products, this membership category is for you.

FAN Commercial Membership
Intended for businesses that provide services or support to the food and agribusiness industry. If your business offers products or services that aid the industry but are not directly involved in the production or selling of food and agribusiness products, the Commercial Membership is the appropriate category.

FAN Community and FAN Connect Memberships are available only to food, beverage and agribusinesses 

To qualify for these memberships your business must operate exclusively (100%) within the Food & Agribusiness Industries.

What this means for you

Current Members: Effective 1st July you will automatically be transitioned to the tier that best matches your current membership benefits. You’ll receive an email detailing your new tier and the benefits you will receive.

New Members: Joining FAN has never been easier or more beneficial. Choose the tier that best suits your needs and start reaping the rewards immediately.

We believe these changes will significantly enhance your experience with FAN and provide you with the tools and support needed to thrive in the food and agribusiness industry.

Thank you for being a valued member of FAN. We look forward to continuing to support your journey.

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