Following the recent Melbourne launch in partnership with chef Heston Blumenthal, Sunshine Coast
based Fable is bringing its exciting new plant based meat to the local market.

Made with shiitake mushrooms, Fable is crafted for use in everything from flavourful ragus, fragrant
curries, and sumptuous slow braises. It also works particularly well as a meat alternative on pizza.
Fable is co-founded by fine dining chef and mycologist Jim Fuller, organic mushroom farmer Chris
McLoghlin and Warana-based former Shoes of Prey co-founder Michael Fox.

“Mushrooms have the natural umami flavours we crave in meat, and are naturally nutritious. With minimal
processing we’ve been able to create a product which is delicious, satisfying and considerably better for
the environment,” says Fox.

“We are keen to highlight the versatility of Fable for a wide variety of recipes and cuisines. Heston is
showing how Fable can be showcased in fine dining dishes, and it is equally suited to simpler
applications. Being based on the Sunshine Coast we have always been big fans of Glass House
Brewery’s pizza, so we worked with their team of Italian chefs to feature Fable as part of their new pizza
menu,” he adds.

Glass House Brewery co-founder Simon Michelangeli is rapt that his local restaurant is one of the first
places in the world to use Fable. “We have always sourced the best quality ingredients we can find for
our pizzas. Fable adds an additional element to our menu, particularly for so many of our customers who
don’t eat meat or are looking to reduce their meat consumption,” he says.

Glass House Brewery will be offering a Fable version of their renowned Truffle Shuffle pizza, as well as a
new vegan pizza featuring a confit preparation of Fable. “The possibilities are almost endless with Fable,
and we are looking forward to incorporating its wonderful, natural flavours into more dishes in the future,”
adds Simon.

In addition to Glass House Brewery, Fable will be served at Heston’s The Fat Duck group restaurants in
London, Sydney restaurants including The Winery, Kingsley’s and Untied and Melbourne restaurants
Acre Farms and The Esplanade Hotel. Fable will launch into additional fine dining establishments and
restaurants across Australia and Singapore over the coming months.

Fable was a recent graduate of the Mars Seeds of Change Accelerator program supported by FIAL.

Credit ChloeHorder

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