FAN Membership

FAN Members span the entire food & agribusiness industry chain, including businesses working within the industry and those who supply services to the industry.

There are two different FAN membership options available to suit your business:

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Connect with Industry

Connect with FAN members, and make connections that can help you develop your business.

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Collaborate with Members

Collaborate with like-minded businesses to increase visibility and growth opportunities.

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Grow Your Business

We want to help you grow your business, and in turn help grow the whole agribusiness economy in our region.

Why join FAN?

Our FAN Membership Options

Industry Member

If you’re directly involved within the Food and Agribusiness Industry

Affiliate Member

If you supply goods or services to the Food & Agribusiness Industry

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Become part of the thriving Sunshine Coast food & agribusiness community.

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