FAN Membership

FAN Members span the entire food & agribusiness industry chain, including businesses working within the industry and those who supply services to the industry.

There are two different FAN membership options available to suit your business:

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Connect with Industry

Connect with FAN members, and make connections that can help you develop your business.

  • The ability to make valuable business connections
  • Regular workshop and networking events
  • Connect with the relevant people in the industry

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Collaborate with Members

Collaborate with like-minded businesses to increase visibility and growth opportunities.

  • Business Directory ‘FAN Connect’ our B2B platform, to promote your business
  • Promote your business events via our social channels
  • Sponsorship packages also available for increased visibility and opportunities

Food Agribusiness Network - Benefit - Grow Your Business

We want to help you grow your business, and in turn help grow the whole agribusiness economy in our region.

  • Access to new retail distribution channels and new customers within the FAN community
  • Access to FAN’s National Express Program and the Export Connect Program
  • Receive access to monthly management tips, resources and industry insights to improve the profitability of your business

Why join FAN?

  • Connect with a supportive community of more than 300 members from across the food value chain
  • Tap into a local, national and global network that can help your business grow
  • Increase your business 'know how' and access new markets through FAN's National and Export Express programs
  • Access collaborative grant opportunities through FAN's grant services
  • Have a voice about the future of our industry and shape its growth and direction
  • Monthly management tips
  • Find food industry services and solutions via FAN's member capability directory and Facebook group
  • Showcase your products at national trade shows with other FAN members at discounted rates
  • Access to new retail distribution channels, new customers and export opportunities
  • Gain new skills and knowledge through more than 20 FAN events delivered annually
  • Member-to Member Insights

Our FAN Membership Options

Industry Member

If you’re directly involved within the Food and Agribusiness Industry

Affiliate Member

If you supply goods or services to the Food & Agribusiness Industry

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Become part of the thriving Sunshine Coast food & agribusiness community.

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