Introducing the Job Taster Program – in partnership with EPIC Assist

Dear FAN Members,

FAN is pleased to announce a new member initiative developed in collaboration with valued partner EPIC Assist. 

The Job Taster program aims to enhance FAN members’ knowledge of employing people with disability and provide brief work experience opportunities in members’ businesses for people with disability. Participating FAN members will receive free disability awareness training at their workplace. They can also have a person with a disability undertake an unpaid work experience session. 

A dedicated Job Taster Coordinator employed by EPIC will support program participants to get the most out of this unique opportunity.

  • To enhance FAN members’ knowledge when working with employees with disability
  • To provide brief work experience opportunities for people with disability

FAN members who want to participate in the project will be provided free disability awareness training at their workplace. They can also have a person with disability undertake an unpaid work experience session for a maximum of 4 hours, 1 day a week over 4 weeks. The persons with disability will come from two cohorts.

  1. Women with disability over the age of 45 years, and
  2. Young adults with disability who have recently finished their school years.

NB: EPIC will provide the required workplace liability insurance.
The project will be managed and delivered by EPIC’s Job Taster Coordinator Jessica Inu, who will be responsible for all aspects of project delivery. Jessica will be the key point of contact for the project and will also provide the necessary support to ensure the member’s work experience session is a value-add experience.

Contact Jessica Inu – EPIC Assist  on 0418 784 513 or the FAN Team

With thanks to the EPIC Assist team for their ongoing partnership with FAN. 

Yours in collaboration,
Emma Greenhatch

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