Jacqui Wilson-Smith thrives on a challenge. An advocate of ‘design-led innovation’, Jacqui is constantly pushing boundaries to deliver business improvements.

Her extensive international career includes working with such organisations as Ernst & Young, Buderim Ginger, Accolade Wines UK and Mondelez International and being responsible for the launch of a number of major food and beverage portfolios globally.

Since 2009, Jacqui has led a team of innovative thinkers at Gourmet Garden to put the customer’s journey first. Under her unique approach, in 2014 the organisation launched an award winning revolutionary herb system for busy cooks, won a Good Design Award 2014, Product of the Year 2015 , a World Star Packaging Organization Award in 2015 and ultimately more than doubled sales in the category.

Jacqui’s insightful and energetic approach inspires others to embrace innovative thinking, to challenge internal business practices, and refine and revise how, what and when we communicate – by looking through the lens of our customer.

A founding board member of FAN, Jacqui is passionate about seeing the food and agribusiness industry grow on the Sunshine Coast.

FAN Secretary - Jacqui Wilson-Smith

Jacqui Wilson-Smith