Petra Frieser is the administrator and designer of Local Harvest – The Sunshine Coast and Surrounds Regional Food Directory.  She is also a creative director (award winning), designer, photographer, product developer, author, publisher, reviewer, web designer, small business consultant, ‘major ideas person’ and self-proclaimed dreamer and entrepreneur.

Petra has spent the last 15 years scouring markets and developing initiatives in how to generate more interest in the Sunshine Coast regional food movement and years before that collating information and contacts in a hope to develop something tangible that will make a difference to the Sunshine Coast’s food industry, also having on a number of food related research documents for Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

Petra’s primary focus is for everyone to love and support regional food as much as she does. ‘Food is life’ so surely ‘good food’ equates to ‘good life’!

Petra Freiser

FAN Ambassador