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In the picturesque Sunshine Coast region, a welcomed discovery at Robert and Karen Martin’s orchard at Glass House Mountains revealed the conception of a new variety of Custard Apple.

This naturally occurring wonder saw “PinksBlush” nurture and develop as an individual branch on a different variety of custard apple tree on the Martin’s orchard and is now secured under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Scheme.

Most excitedly, this new variety exhibits some unique points of difference.  Other custard apple varieties are generally green in colour.  “PinksBlush” however, showcases a rich tapestry of pastel colours on the shoulder of the skin that resembles a blush-like appearance.   But more significantly, the fruit harvest period for “PinksBlush” occurs from September to December, effectively extending the Australian Custard Apple season by approximately 4 months.

Recently, Karen was awarded a place in the Young Food Innovators program. Young Food Innovators is a 12-month intensive, accelerated program to support and build the capacity of people from the red meat, horticulture and pork primary producer sectors.

This program is supported by Hort Innovation Australia and MLA Donor Company, through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program.

As part of this program, Karen will complete her major project focussing on branding and integrated marketing strategies for “PinksBlush”.   Through design led thinking, Karen will test out ideas and bring her new product to life.

Market and consumer insights will be critical to understand just what consumers think of her new product, but Karen needs your help.  If you are interested in testing “PinksBlush” and offering your feedback, please contact Karen on 0456 789 380 for further information.


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