FAN Partner Offer – KBI

FAN and KBI Specialist Insurance Brokers have partnered up to provide a tailored insurance offering to members.

In our partnership with KBI – FAN Members Benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing for FAN members
  • Access to KBI’s market-leading team with advisors designated to FAN members
  • Full insurance reviews/audits of your current policies to help you understand your key risks and what is and isn’t covered
  • Comprehensive insurance products and advice from industry experts to help you tailor your insurance program to your needs
  • Streamlined process every step of the way
  • In-house claims team and access to lawyers to help manage any disputes and claims
  • Education, resources and training opportunities to help members upskill on insurance and risk
  • Dedicated FAN Member Account Manager – Lachlan Stretton

    Request a quote here or reach out to the KBI team for any queries or friendly advice.

“After connecting with KBI Specialist Insurance Brokers through their partnership with FAN, and being a FAN member we were able to take advantage of their “FAN Offer” to review our current insurances.

The team at KBI uncovered some great savings and were able to identify notable gaps within our policies, so we made the change and haven’t been happier. A huge thanks to FAN for making the connection and to Pablo & Lachlan at KBI who have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Brent Deller, First Batch Coffee Roasters

Meet Lachlan

Lachlan has 15 years’ of experience in Banking and Finance, with the last 13 years spent in sales and business development at Macquarie Bank, Australia’s largest investment bank. 

He has worked with clients globally across various industries including Insurance Broking, Financial Planning, Accounting, Legal, Medico, Residential Real Estate Agencies, and other professional services, helping businesses from strategy development to corporate transactions like acquisitions.

At KBI, Lachlan focuses on the development and implementation of business strategies, drawing on his extensive experience in the industry and deep experience across start-ups to listed companies, and will be a key part of our strategic planning efforts as we continue to grow our business.

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