In the second half of 2020 FAN undertook an extensive strategic planning process that involved comprehensive consultation with its members. Through this process FAN identified key priorities:

Formalise an organisation framework for FAN HQ

Though this strategic review process FAN’s Board has endorsed a new operating model to drive future growth and sustainability, whereby FAN will establish Regional Clusters in each region where it has a geographical footprint. FAN’s new model is formed on the basis of a shared vision for a growing and resilient food and agribusiness industry, driven through a triple helix approach of engagement and alignment between industry, government and research.

Establish FAN Clusters in Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay

Initially, FAN will establish regional clusters in Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay, with the potential to go beyond these regions. Key components of each cluster include

Deeper engagement with FAN members and stakeholders

Through the strategic process, FAN has validated that its value proposition is founded on deep engagement, with both members and stakeholders. It is this deep engagement that enables FAN to create an ecosystem that delivers the right solutions at the right time, empowering its members to collectively grow. Through the establishment of the regional clusters, FAN will undertake to develop region specific member and stakeholder engagement activities, ensuring deeper and broader engagement.

Develop region specific Industry Action Plans

Through deeper and broader engagement with members and stakeholders, FAN will develop region specific Industry Action Plans for the local food and agri-industry. The plans will identify member and industry priorities and needs and align to the over-aching economic development strategies of the regions’ local government authorities. Consultation for these plans begin in February 2021 with further details to be release in mid 2021.

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