Who is FAN?

The Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) is collectively driving the success of its members across the Greater Sunshine Coast and demonstrating how clusters play an integral role in building resilient industries and communities.

Founded in 2015, FAN was driven by local industry leaders, who saw an opportunity to use their knowledge, skills and resources to help other businesses in the industry to solve problems and create new opportunities. The cluster’s collaborative culture is underpinned by a high degree of trust, leading to members feeling supported. This, in turn, leads to a strong ‘give back’ ethos and a dynamic, connected and engaged membership.

Today, FAN has 320 members across the entire food value chain and strong partnerships with all levels of government, research and other industry stakeholders. FAN’s members benefit from a wide range of activities and initiatives such as capability building workshops, trade shows, mentoring, networking and innovative programs and services to help them to scale their businesses and access new markets.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading food & agribusiness network and to actively contribute to doubling our industry’s value by 2030 for our regions.

Our Purpose

To connect and grow our regions food & agribusinesses by creating a culture of collaboration, accelerating innovation & promoting trade locally & globally.

Our Values

Our Strategic Objectives

FAN is the conduit for communication, collaboration and co-operation, promoting knowledge acquisition and sharing amongst our members and the broader industry. We are also a representative voice advocating for the development of food and agribusiness for the region.


We will have a compelling value proposition that ensures a well represented member network that connects the value chain from production to consumption.

Knowledge Sharing

We will be THE conduit for communication, collaboration and cooperation, promoting knowledge acquisition and sharing amongst our members and broader industry.


We will be recognised as the representative voice, successfully advocating for the development of food and agribusiness for our regions.

Organisational Model

We will have sustainable funding & governance models which ensure the ongoing viability of the organisation, aligning industry, research and government.

Regional Awareness

We will “put our food and agribusiness region on the map” as high quality, innovative and sustainable.




“We believe that with the support of our members and partners, FAN can create a sustainable, industry-led cluster model that pivots around a collaborative approach to addressing shared challenges and opportunities.”

FAN is the pre-eminent business organisation on the Sunshine Coast. The founders’ vision and purpose is being fulfilled by a wonderful group of people dedicated to Agribusiness, that is benefiting and influencing not only our region but also the industry right across Australia.

Michael Buckley, Freeze Dry Industries

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Become part of the thriving Sunshine Coast food & agribusiness community.

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