Advancing Innovation in Place

In 2022, FAN received funding from the Advance Queensland Regional Futures Collaborative Project  for our Advancing Innovation in Place project to build a dynamic regional innovation cluster.

Acknowledging the maturity and diversity of local innovation systems throughout Queensland, the Advance Queensland Regional Futures Collaborative initiative seeks to enable entrepreneurially minded organisations and partners to collaborate on solving regionally significant or cross-industry relevant real world problems through innovation.

The Advancing Innovation in Place project aims to enable everyone in the food and agribusiness industry to participate, benefit and add value in the evolving food landscape in Australia.

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Transforming Southeast Queensland's Food and Agribusiness Ecosystem through Innovation Clusters

The Challenge: A Crucial Juncture for Food and Agribusiness South East Queensland, renowned for its thriving food production sector, faces a pivotal moment in navigating the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution. Small to medium-sized producers dominate the region, necessitating a collective effort to thrive in the new era.

Introducing Food Innovation Clusters To leverage collective strength and expertise, food innovation clusters are surfacing as solutions. These clusters unite local businesses, research institutions, and governmental bodies to create dynamic local innovation ecosystems. By pooling resources and knowledge, these clusters generate value that surpasses individual efforts.

FAN: A Prime Example Established in 2015, the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) is an exemplar of such innovation clusters. With over 370 members spanning the food value chain from Gympie to Moreton Bay, FAN includes key players like Australian Macadamia Society, Belladotti Fine Foods, and Blackflag Brewing. FAN received substantial funding to drive regional innovation through their “Advancing Innovation in Place” project.

Building Synergies for Success The food and agribusiness industry significantly contributes to Queensland’s economic landscape. With 87% of the sector comprising SMEs, FAN recognizes the need for collaborative innovation. By drawing inspiration from successful global regions, FAN’s project seeks to align cooperation and competition for mutual benefit.

Implementing Innovation in Four Regions FAN’s project is making remarkable progress within a year of implementation. By establishing Regional Action Plans for Gympie, Noosa, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast, the project aims to foster innovation clusters centered around distinct themes like agritourism, regenerative farming, and food tourism.

Driving Positive Change FAN’s “Advancing Innovation in Place” project is shaping four innovation clusters with diverse focuses, from collaborative food manufacturing to regenerative farming and food tourism. By creating synergies between cooperation and competition, FAN sets a precedent for growth and innovation in Southeast Queensland and beyond.

Explore how FAN’s collaborative approach to innovation sets the stage for economic growth and regional development. Join the movement as Southeast Queensland pioneers a prosperous and innovative future for its food and agribusiness sector and become a FAN Member today.

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