Help us to help you!

Help us to help you!

Dear FAN Members and Supporters,

For nearly seven years FAN has had an unwavering focus on fostering collaboration amongst our members to achieve our vision…
” A growing and resilient food and agribusiness industry across our regions”

We have made thousands of connections and delivered hundreds of events and activities aligned to our 4 pillars – connections, profile, capability and knowledge.

And we’ve proudly championed our members and regions far and wide.

To be able to do this, we rely on our members continuing to show up and share – these are the ingredients for our recipe for success!

We’ve seen it time and time again, that when businesses build relationships and trust, they find ways to work together and help each other.
There is no doubt we are living in uncertain and challenging times, and this has changed the way many businesses operate and interact with their customers and communities.
This is a key reason why we developed a new Regional Cluster model for FAN, to enable us to engage and support our members in different ways.
FAN is and plans to always be industry-led. However, we remain very dependent on grants (nearly 60%) with between 7% of our revenue coming from membership fees.

Practically, what this means is that our small team has to spend considerable time and resources servicing our funders instead of our members.

Help us to shift this balance, here’s some ideas on how:

  • Invite your peers to join FAN
  • Sponsor an event or provide venue or catering (express your interest here)
  • Sponsor Meet the Makers (express your interest here)
  • Sponsor your local FAN group (find out more here)
  • Connect us to potential sponsors from your network (suggest a sponsor here)
  • Pay a higher membership fee (set this up here)
  • Share ideas for new FAN services and activities here

We love to disrupt for good and generating more income from our network to invest back in our industry would be a FANtastic outcome.
Yours in collaboration and appreciation,
Emma Greenhatch

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